I feel so excited today. I’ll go home to my home town, Malang, to visit my beautiful son.

I miss him so much. Wanna see his beautiful smile and wanna hold him in my arm.

Maybe we’ll start our trip at 11.00 am, because i can go home from my school earlier than yesterday. No meeting today.

If we have a constant speed, we can get home before night.

I like to travel with my husband. We can go wherever we want. We can choose the road, and usually we try a new road to go to somewhere. A road we had never spent.

For today, we will pass Lumajang, Piket Nul and Dampit. Because with this road, we can save time between 1 until 1 and half hours.

Beside that, we can enjoy the fresh air and a beautiful view of Semeru mountain.

I feel impatient to go home…

Ayah and Bunda coming home son… wait for us…